What is Shore Leave Haslar?

Shore Leave Haslar is a non-profit community project bringing life to the Memorial Garden at Royal Haslar, Gosport, Hampshire. Providing tri-service veterans with a safe haven, where they can come and rehabilitate through horticulture. 

Who is it for?

We welcome anyone who has served in the Armed Forces, including the Merchant Navy and Reserve Forces.

We support those with both mental & physical health issues. We are able to tailor our activities to suit all ages and abilities


To support our service users, within the Royal Haslar Memorial Garden, so that the can utilise the facilities and opportunities, that best suit their needs and goals, for rehabilitation and personal development.


Supporting our mission are our core values, providing the ethical framework around which we operate:

  • Equality & Diversity: We have total respect for equality & diversity
  • Social Inclusion: We respect that every person has a right to participate fully in society
  • Empowerment: We support & encourage our service users to achieve their goals


To promote the physical and mental wellbeing of our service users through horticultural therapy, peer supported activities and appropriate signposting to allied professional services.

To provide a safe haven for ex-service veterans, where they can recuperate in a safe and peaceful place, in the company of likeminded people.